January 2013

Scanner solutions from Neat

We have come across compatibility issues with Neat scanners. It appears that this scanner is using a proprietary file format and driver. Neat scanners, as a result, cannot be controlled from within Blueprint OMS. Controlling the scanner directly from within Blueprint OMS is a key benefit to the way we designed the scanning solution. We do not recommend Neat scanners, nor Read More

Technical update

Dear Blueprint OMS user, News is surfacing regarding security issues with certain Java versions: http://www.zdnet.com/homeland-security-warns-to-disable-java-amid-zero-day-flaw-7000009713/ Here is our CTO's response to the news and how it affects Blueprint OMS: "This vulnerability applies to Java applets (from unknown/untrusted sources) running within a web browser. Read More

Blueprint Solutions Achieves Highest Ever Support Service Rating

At Blueprint Solutions, we track user satisfaction statistics for all online support requests. In December, we received more than one thousand such requests, and subsequently received a 100% satisfaction rating from our users. Our team has been focused on improving our rating and response time, and I want to thank everybody on the support team for their efforts which have Read More

Thanks again for all of your help. It has been a pleasure working with you. Best wishes as Blueprints continues to grow. Your quick response to questions and ability to make the program work the way we prefer it to has made this transition as painless as possible. We looked at a lot of programs before choosing Blueprints, and I am thankful we made the best decision.

Dawn Craig
Center for Audiology Services

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