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1. General Questions (3)

Why should I choose Blueprint Solutions?

Choose Blueprint Solutions for improved staff efficiency, elevated patient retention, and increased sales. Blueprint Solutions is a foundation for managing and growing your business. Join one of the fastest growing office management systems, specifically designed for audiology practices. Blueprint Solutions’ international presence and exponential growth shows its commitment to the audiology sector and popularity among providers. Not only will Blueprint help improve organization and business practices at your clinic, it will also provide a robust marketing tool to help you increase resell opportunities.

What level of support would my practice receive from Blueprint?

Your practice would receive the highest level of training and technical support. Based on satisfaction statistics from Blueprint users requesting support, our technical team satisfies requests at an astounding rate. Technical support is included in the monthly subscription fee, and is available via telephone or email during our standard business hours. An urgent support line is also available outside of business hours. We are able to provide remote assistance via the internet, for training or troubleshooting purposes. It’s like having a Blueprint OMS expert right beside you! We love hearing from our users and welcome you to be a part of our Blueprint Family.

What is the Blueprint Family?

The Blueprint Family is an accumulation of thousands of Blueprint users across the globe, utilizing Blueprint Solutions as their office management system within their hearing clinics. Join our family and experience the power of Blueprint.

2. Setup Questions (11)

How do I start with Blueprint OMS?

To sign up for Blueprint OMS, please contact us and request a license agreement.  After you sign the license agreement, you will fill out a configuration form. Our technicians will customize your Blueprint system according the preferences specified in the configuration form.

How long does it take to get set up with Blueprint OMS?

It’s up to you. The process for obtaining Blueprint in your office is dependent on your level of commitment. This process can be as quick as you wish and expedited according to your clinic’s needs.

Do I need to purchase any additional computer software?

No, Blueprint can be downloaded on any computer or laptop as long as there is a reliable internet connection present.

Do I need high-speed internet to access my Blueprint?

Yes. We recommend a broadband internet connection. To test the speed of your internet, you can visit www.speedtest.net to check your download/upload speed.

Our recommended download/upload speed depends on the number of computers in the office.  For a small office (1-3 computers), we recommend 2 Mbps down and .5 Mbps up.  For larger offices (3+ computers), we recommend at least 5 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up.

Please note these recommendations are only guidelines to achieve optimal Blueprint performance.

What if I lose my internet connection?

If something would happen to your computer or internet connection, inhibiting you from accessing Blueprint, you can call (877) 686-8410 ex. 9 to reach our technical support line. We will help troubleshoot the issue. Depending on the issue, we may suggest you contact your internet service provider. We can always fax you your scheduling information that you may need until your internet connection is reestablished or new computer is installed. We are also iPhone/Smartphone compatible, allowing you to have your schedule with you at all times.

How do I access my Blueprint?

Each practice receives their own launch link. This launch link can be pasted into a web browser and downloaded on any computer or laptop. Each Blueprint user at the practice will sign into Blueprint with their own unique username and password.

What are the setup fees and monthly fees?

There is a onetime setup fee of $200 for the customization of your system. If our technicians will be performing a data import from your previous office management system, there is a onetime data conversion fee of $300. There is a $159 per month fee to run Blueprint at your practice.

How do I make my monthly payments?

By filling out a credit card authorization form, we can automatically bill your credit card monthly. If you prefer, we also offer the option of sending a monthly invoice.

What is included within the monthly fee?

All training, support, and access to new features will be included within your monthly fee. Any upgrades and access to new features will be free-of-charge.

Do I need to do anything when Blueprint releases new features?

No, Blueprint is constantly in the process of developing innovative, cutting-edge technology. All users will automatically have new features added to their Blueprint.

How do I learn how to use Blueprint OMS?

We run FREE weekly training session for all users. We also offer Question & Answer sessions at anytime. You will always have access to the online training tutorials and complete user guide. We have a full-time training and support staff ready to assist your clinic in any way possible.

3. Data Import Questions (2)

How do I import existing patient data into Blueprint?

Our technicians can assist in importing data from your current electronic office management system. Blueprint Solutions surpasses all other audiology-specific office management systems in its ability to successfully and accurately import a wide array of existing patient data into your Blueprint.

What does the data import process entail?

You can provide our technicians with your patient data in a *CSV format which they can import into your Blueprint. Or our technicians can get connected to your computer remotely to help you extract your patient data for the import process. This process is very efficient and takes about one business day depending on the data extracted.

4. Security Questions (3)

Is Blueprint OMS HIPAA compliant?

Yes, we are HIPAA compliant. The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act details the policies and procedures we follow to protect private health information to ensure security for your electronically-stored patient files.

How is my data secured?

You data is fully secured and housed within a protected data center. The servers on which your data is stored are monitored 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Your data is backed up every night, alleviating your practice of the responsibility of maintaining local servers.

How do I get my data out of Blueprint if I stop using the system?

Your data is your property, and you always have access to a data export of your patient files from within Blueprint. Our technicians can always provide you with a backup of your data at any point as well.

5. Integration Questions (2)

Can my Blueprint OMS integrate with my Noah?

Yes. Blueprint can integrate with Noah 4.2 or higher. Please visit http://blueprintsolutions.us//tutorial-videos/?video=Bmczj6VSu1s to see the process of the Noah integration.

Does my Blueprint OMS allow for electronic claim submissions to third parties?

Yes. You can generate insurance claims forms within Blueprint and electronically submit these claims to a clearing house. For more information on the clearing house Blueprint can integrate with, Office Ally, please visit http://blueprintsolutions.us//wp/office-ally-setup/


To sign on with Blueprint, has to rank amongst the best few good business decisions I have ever made – and there have been many bad ones. Everything now works better for us – and in that the operational side is so smooth – we have much more time to offer to our clientele and to creativity. Even if we get slightly behind in up to the minute data – left click, right click catches up any admin backlog in minutes (with an invaluable link to QuickBooks).

Greg Clements
Clements Hearing

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