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More than software

Blueprint OMS is more than an office management system. It  is a foundation for managing and growing your business.

Blueprint OMS provides an efficient way for administrating your clinic, handling tasks such as tracking hearing aid information, scheduling, patient data maintenance, electronic billing, inventory, trial/loan management, document management and scanning, accounts receivable, Noah and QuickBooks integration.

Blueprint OMS has a powerful marketing module that allows  you to stay in touch with your patients. Ensuring an ongoing relationship with your patients results in improved retention and re-sell opportunities. Retaining your patients and leveraging re-sell opportunities has time and time again proven to be the most cost effective strategy for growing your business.


Blueprint OMS also gives you an effective structure for tracking your referral sources and promotional activities. This provides valuable information about your return on investment for your marketing activities. It will help you focus your resources on referral sources that provide the most lead generation. All resulting in increased efficiency and sales.


Why internet based

Blueprint OMS is an internet based application. This means that you can access Blueprint OMS from any computer with internet access. No need for running database servers in your office. No backup required. No IT hassle – we take care of all of that. Your data is safe and secure.

This also makes Blueprint OMS a very cost effective solution for your clinic. It removes thousands of dollars of cost implementing office management systems, running local serves and maintaining IT equipment. Blueprint OMS is clinic management made easy.

I had to send you a huge THANK YOU email for the text snippets in OMSv2.5. You have forever improved Blueprint OMS and made a clinicians daily life SO MUCH easier. Thank you for the awesome upgrade features! This update was packed full of very practical updates and one of the best yet!!!!!! A feature like this improves work/life balance by helping us do “paperwork” more efficiently. The ability to personalize the snippets is awesome. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Dr. Erin Rellinger
Eye Consultants of Atlanta

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