AHAA Wake Up Call Setup

Once the system is set up properly, please reference the next 3 steps. The data will be sent from Blueprint to AHAA nightly for any appointments created and/or completed that day, as well as a buffer for two weeks prior. The system will automatically send this information, so anything created or completed that day, will then transfer in that night’s sync.


Step 1) Setup

Setup > Event Types > Create New > (or double click existing event type) Fill out the Required Fields (*)

To save steps, you can denote defaults by checking the appropriate boxes for the Sales Opportunity.  Be sure to check this box for appointment types that are typically considered sales opportunities (ie:  Hearing Aid Evaluations).

**You will need to manually specify if the 3rd Party is Present in the actual appointment for the patient.


Step 2) Create Event

In the Scheduling Tab, create an appointment as normal. You will now be able to select the appropriate Event Type for that patient.

You will now see new fields, such as;

  • Mark Busy
  • 3p Present
  • Sales Opportunity
  • Un-aidable

To ensure the information is accurately reported for the AHAA Wake Up call, you’ll want to make sure the Sales Opportunity box is checked for appointments that are true sales opportunities (which can be defaulted as checked under Setup – step 1).  You will also need to check the “3p present” box if a third party was present for the appointment.

If the loss is Un-aidable, please be sure to check this box on the appointment. If this box is checked, the appointment will appear as non-aidable in the Wake Up Call and not affect closure rates.

**Please Note **It is extremely important that the appointment is marked Completed, otherwise the data will not transfer properly as the system will not recognize the appointment was conducted.

Note below;

**Please Note ** For the data to be sent properly on the appointments that are sales opportunities, the appointments must be “Linked” to the patient in the patient browser. To be set up properly and ensure data is transferring correctly, the “Patient Details” must be visible.

Note below;


3) Order New Aids

The final reporting measure for the Wake Up call option are New Aid Orders. This information will automatically transfer when a New Aid is Ordered through Blueprint. This is only on New Aid Orders, and the process remains the same.

Order New Aid > Receive > Deliver


Please feel free to contact Blueprint OMS direct if you have further questions, or would like to get additional training set up and we can gladly assist. 877.686.8410 ext 9.

To sign on with Blueprint, has to rank amongst the best few good business decisions I have ever made – and there have been many bad ones. Everything now works better for us – and in that the operational side is so smooth – we have much more time to offer to our clientele and to creativity. Even if we get slightly behind in up to the minute data – left click, right click catches up any admin backlog in minutes (with an invaluable link to QuickBooks).

Greg Clements
Clements Hearing

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