Blueprint OMS V2.2.5.1

Blueprint OMS v2.2.5.1 is a minor release, containing a few enhancements and bug fixes. Full details are below.

The rollout of this release was completed on the weekend of May 10/11, and all users who have since launched Blueprint from the desktop icon will have downloaded the update automatically.


WRN and binaural speech audiometry on reports

If this information has been entered in the audiometry received from Noah, it will be displayed on the Hearing Loss Assessment and Physician Hearing Loss Assessment reports.


Audiograms edited in Noah are updated in Blueprint

Previously, editing an audiogram in Noah would result in a new audiogram being created in Blueprint.


Letter and form templates

New merge fields

The following new merge fields can be used when creating letter and form templates in Microsoft Word:

  • clinicName
  • clinicAddress
  • clinicPhoneNumber

An up-to-date list of available merge fields can be found on our website here.

Using scanned user signatures

If you have previously been using scanned user signatures with the older marketing letters, those can now be included in the new Word templates.

This can be done by embedding any image in the template, and specifying user signature as the Alt Text.

Note: The Alt Text for specifying an electronic signature to be collected via a digital signature pad has changed to eSignature.

Comprehensive instructions for adding signatures (both scanned and electronic) to templates are available on our website here.

Use brace brackets instead of “real” merge fields

While using “real” merge fields has some advantages (like the ability to specify text to be appended or prepended to the field value), adding a merge field is a multi-step process that involves a bit of clicking around and typing.

If you don’t need any of the advanced functions provided by merge fields, you can just type the field name between double braces, and it will work the same way!

For example, you can enter {{surname}} in your template to have the patient’s surname automatically merged in.

I had to send you a huge THANK YOU email for the text snippets in OMSv2.5. You have forever improved Blueprint OMS and made a clinicians daily life SO MUCH easier. Thank you for the awesome upgrade features! This update was packed full of very practical updates and one of the best yet!!!!!! A feature like this improves work/life balance by helping us do “paperwork” more efficiently. The ability to personalize the snippets is awesome. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Dr. Erin Rellinger
Eye Consultants of Atlanta

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