Blueprint OMS V2.2.6

Blueprint OMS v2.2.6 is full of new features, and more than a few bug fixes as well. Full details are below.


Document management

Email and fax documents directly from Blueprint

From the patient’s Documents screen, right-clicking on any document brings up quick links to send it to:

  • The patient
  • The patient’s alternate contact
  • The patient’s family physician
  • Any of the patient’s insurers

Other recipients can be selected from a list, or entered manually by selecting Email other or Fax other.

Personalized comments can be added to the fax/email, and a signature with the sender’s name, qualifications, and job title are automatically added.

For faxes, an optional cover sheet may be added. A generic template is available, and customized templates can be created if desired.  The fax can be previewed prior to sending.

Users will receive confirmation of successful fax transmission (or failure notification) by email.  Previously sent faxes can be viewed in a new Fax outbox screen.


  • A transmission charge of $0.10 per page applies for faxes
  • There is no charge for outgoing email messages
  • Users must have an email address configured in the system in order to use the fax and email functions
  • All users will initially have access privileges to send email/faxes
  • The access privilege to view faxes in the outbox will initially be granted only to clinic owners, and must be assigned manually to other users


Archive estimates and invoices

Estimates and invoices can now be archived to the Documents screen, to facilitate emailing/faxing.

Enhanced document search function

The patient name is now shown in the Search documents screen, and documents can also be emailed or faxed from this screen.

New user guide

Step-by-step instructions for all of the functions in Blueprint OMS are now available in our updated technical documentation.

The new user guide can be accessed by pressing F1, or selecting User guide from the Help menu.

Within each page, the sidebar on the right provides helpful links to content within the page, as well as related pages and video tutorials.

New template types

Order-related forms (such as purchase agreements and delivery notes) and Fax cover sheets can now be created using Microsoft Word, and uploaded to Blueprint.

Details of the new merge fields for these template types and instructions for uploading your custom forms to Blueprint OMS are available on our Marketing Resources page.

New predefined templates

  • Avery 5160 label sheet
  • Physician label sheet (a full sheet of labels for the selected physician)
  • Generic fax cover sheet

Enhanced audiology reports

All masked scores from Noah will now be displayed on the audiogram in the patient’s Audiology tab and within the Hearing Loss Assessment Report.

Easier searching

When searching for an entry in a long list, typing all (or part) of the search string will jump to the first matching entry. The wildcard (*) character may be used to match any sequence of characters.

The up and down arrow keys will navigate through the list of matches.

Dashboard enhancements

New timeframe options

In addition to the Year-to-date (YTD) and Last X days timeframes, dashboard widgets now support Fiscal year-to-date:

and Month-to-date (MTD):

Easy support requests

Requests for technical support can now be easily submitted, by selecting Submit support ticket from the Help menu.

This will launch a form which is pre-filled with much of the basic information required, and will collect additional information needed to ensure a quick response and speedy resolution.

Usability improvements

“Financing” drop-down box hidden
Apply unallocated balance from previous 3p payments
Show cheque numbers on bank deposit screen
Allow more characters in various fields
Allow special characters in name/description fields
Edit non-posting payment details for previous periods
Allow deleting patient refunds
Allow deleting returns which contain ALDs
Allow deleting returns when the return credit has already been applied

Bug fixes

Comment fields cut-off on HL assessment forms
User does not have access to inherited reports
Error using Word templates with large marketing campaigns
Problem with “warranty expiration” and “L&D expiration” marketing filters
Sales tax not included on “returned” repair invoices
Purchase agreement doesn’t print from “Sales History” screen
Error when adding insurer coverage for batteries
Don’t display an “invoice” when reserving stock aids
Alternate contact email address not displayed
Problem with “Insurer” and “Insurer NOT” marketing filters
Problem with “Use credits” function when entering 3p payments
Bank deposit total incorrect if credit used as part of 3p payment
Problem with checkboxes on user-created forms

By the way, as we’re getting further in to our implementation of Blueprint, we’re finding that we really like it — easy to use, does more than we expected, great support, so far very good reliability — our compliments to the entire team at Blueprint Solutions.  We didn’t have an OMS prior to Blueprint so can’t compare it to the competition, but we would certainly recommend it to other audiologists, especially those who have never had a system before. The training videos are excellent!

Mark Palmer
Center for Audiology Services

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