Blueprint OMS V2.2.8

Feature spotlight: New editable PDFs

Creating reports for referring physicians is easier than ever. These can now be edited on-screen, instead of answering prompts for each report field.

They can be easily archived for further editing, and emailed or faxed directly from Blueprint OMS.

Hearing Loss Assessment



Forms, templates and reports

Forms can be reviewed prior to signing

When generating forms that use digital signatures, the signature prompt no longer comes up immediately.

Instead, the form is displayed on screen for review (or printing) if necessary, and digital signatures are not collected until the Sign button is clicked.

“Print” button on patient “Audiology” screen

Audiology reports are now conveniently accessible via a new Print button on the patient Audiology screen.

This is an alternative to right-clicking on the assessment date to access the report choices.


New merge fields

New merge fields for alternate contact details, and the patient’s referrer type and referral source are now available.

There is also a new set of “smart” contact fields which show the patient details by default, but will show the alternate contact details instead, if the contact has been marked as the primary contact.

Full details of all merge fields are available in the Marketing resources section of our website.


More flexibility when editing repeating appointments

When editing a repeating appointment, two new choices are available for specifying which appointments should be changed:

  • This and prior instances
  • This and future instances

Editing an event in the middle of the series, and choosing to modify All instances will recreate the series beginning at the date of the edited event (i.e. prior instances will be removed).

The This and future instances option is intended to avoid this outcome, which is usually unintended.

Timescales shown in standard (non-military) time

The default is now standard time (e.g. 3pm) rather than military time (e.g. 15:00).
Military time is still available as a configuration option for those who prefer it.


Warranty expiration filter includes criterion for age of aid

When sending letters to patient with expiring warranties, aids can be excluded based on their age (original purchase date).

General improvements

Optionally show manufacturer when selling accessories

When selling accessories, an additional column showing the manufacturer can be shown. To have this option enabled for your clinic, please contact our technical support team by clicking here.

Test method not required when entering audiogram

The Test method is no longer mandatory when entering an audiogram in Blueprint OMS.

Marital Status and Employment Status not mandatory

These fields are no longer mandatory when entering patient insurance details.

Bug fixes

  • Diagnosis codes from most recent hearing assessment should automatically populate on HCFA (CMS-1500) form
  • Manufacturer return credit is not correctly displayed when a stock aid is returned to the manufacturer
  • Preserve user-entered formatting in message body when sending documents via email
  • aidDiscountAsCurrency merge field should be blank (not $0.00) when there is no discount
  • orderTotalNoDiscountNoTaxAsCurrency merge field should show $0.00 (not a blank) if the order total is zero.
  • orderBalanceDueAsCurrency merge field doesn’t reflect credits applied to invoice

To sign on with Blueprint, has to rank amongst the best few good business decisions I have ever made – and there have been many bad ones. Everything now works better for us – and in that the operational side is so smooth – we have much more time to offer to our clientele and to creativity. Even if we get slightly behind in up to the minute data – left click, right click catches up any admin backlog in minutes (with an invaluable link to QuickBooks).

Greg Clements
Clements Hearing

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