Blueprint OMS V2.2.9


Automated appointment reminders

Blueprint OMS can now send automated appointment reminders by email or text message (SMS).

What’s more, patients can confirm their attendance (or request rescheduling) with a single click!

Blueprint OMS can also send reminders to an alternate contact, if they have been marked as the patient’s primary contact.

More details are available here.

Getting started with appointment reminders

Once your system has been upgraded to version 2.2.9, please follow these steps if you would like to use the new automated appointment reminders feature:

  • Read the Getting Started Guide, and ensure that you have completed the required preparation tasks
  • Create a support ticket to request that the reminders be enabled. The easiest way is using the Help –> Support ticket option from within Blueprint, or you can follow this link.


Costs for using the appointment reminders feature are as follows:

Monthly fees

  • First location:  $19/month
  • Each additional full-time location:  $9/month


  • Email messages: Unlimited
  • First 100 SMS messages each month: Included
  • Additional SMS messages: $0.05 each

Note: Both outbound (reminders sent) and inbound (responses received) SMS messages are counted towards the total monthly usage.

Improved status and detail visibility

We’ve replaced the appointment status icons with a new set that is cleaner and more intuitive.

The status icon and description are also shown in a separate, shaded bar at the top of the appointment block, with the time (in a more concise format) in the main area.

The status icons are also visible in the 31-day view.

“Action required” indicator

A new Action required indicator highlights appointments requiring follow up action, for example:

  • Unconfirmed appointments within 1 business day or less (configurable)
  • Cancelled or No show appointments requiring rescheduling
  • Appointments for which the patient has requested rescheduling via an automated reminder

The indicator is updated in real-time, as the schedule is edited.

Clicking on the indicator will display details of the appointments requiring action (including patient contact details) in a slide-out panel.

The panel can be closed by clicking on the indicator a second time.

Appointment rescheduling

When an appointment is marked as Cancelled or No show, the user will be prompted as to whether or not the appointment requires rescheduling.

If so, the appointment will be added to the Action required list.

When the Reschedule function is used to schedule the new appointment, all of the details from the original appointment are copied automatically.

The original appointment remains as is (i.e. cancelled or no show), but is removed from the Action required list once the new appointment is saved.

(If a non-cancelled appointment is rescheduled, it will be marked Cancelled when the new appointment is saved).

Improved status filters

The <Any> and <Deleted> status filters have been replaced with two new filters:

<Active> – Displays all appointments which are not Cancelled or No show, as well as Cancelled/No show appointments which still require rescheduling.

<Inactive> – Displays Cancelled or No show appointments (which have already been rescheduled or do not require rescheduling), as well as Deleted appointments.

Hearing Aids

Editing hearing aid details

Details of any hearing aid in the catalog can now be edited, including:

  • Name, technology, and style
  • CPT codes
  • Pricing and applicable taxes
  • Active/Inactive status

Any users with the Maintain pricing privilege now have access to this function.

Automated hearing aid catalog updates

We’ve implemented a new, centralized hearing aid catalog which will allow us to distribute updates quickly and efficiently to all customers.

All clinic staff (with an email address configured in Blueprint) will receive an automated message when the catalog is updated.

Forms, templates and reports

Digital signatures on editable PDF forms

Editable PDF forms containing signature fields can now be digitally signed using a signature pad.

New editable PDF forms

The following forms have now been converted to editable PDF format, allowing easier on-screen editing:

  • Physician hearing assessment report
  • Repair order form


New “Patient type NOT” filter

Patients can now be excluded from a marketing campaign based on their “patient type”, as set in their Audiology details.

General improvements

3rd party ledger

The new 3rd party ledger screen allows viewing of all transactions for a specific 3rd party.

Transactions can be filtered based on:

  • 3rd party
  • Transaction location
  • Transaction status (open, closed)

Much like the patient Sales history screen, the 3rd party ledger also provides many functions which are accessed by right-clicking on a transaction, including:

  • Viewing invoice details
  • Viewing 3rd party payment details
  • Viewing transaction history
  • Receiving and applying 3rd party payments
  • Voiding and writing off 3rd party invoices
  • Editing and deleting 3rd party payments
  • Issuing 3rd party refunds

Configurable default provider/test method for audiogram

When entering patient audiometry, a default provider and test method can now be configured.

If a default provider has not been set, the current user will be selected, if applicable.

Bug fixes

  • Appointment time not saved correctly when time is typed in
  • Appointment date changes when right-clicking to select the appointment time
  • Ignore patient’s earmolds when flagging items in the “Batteries” menu
  • Tone points at 125 and 8000 thresholds cut off on Hearing Assessment audiogram
  • Documents emailed from Blueprint don’t have file extension
  • Font size problems with some fields on the Hearing Assessment report
  • Concurrency error when updating referral source on Marketing tab
  • ADP eligibility period now 5 years (marketing filters)
  • Don’t allow using inactive taxes (or tax codes) when creating new transactions

I just want to let you know how much I love working with Blueprint and how wonderful and helpful your staff is. Thanks so much!

Melissa Wikoff, Au.D.
Peachtree Hearing

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