Blueprint OMS V2.3

Integrated payment processing

Now you can take payment from all major credit cards directly in Blueprint OMS! Here are some of the major benefits:

Easy to use

Simply swipe or key in card details securely in seconds.

Eliminate double-entry

Payments are processed directly in Blueprint, and immediately posted to the patient’s account. No need to use a separate payment terminal!

Lower rate guarantee

Our processing partner guarantees that you will save money from your current processing fees, and will provide a detailed analysis demonstrating your lower rate and potential monthly savings.

Other benefits

  • Free up counter space with a small USB attached card swiper
  • Auto-settlement feature eliminates the need to settle transaction batches at the end of each day

More information is available here.

Support for ICD-10 codes

Blueprint OMS is now ICD-10 ready!

As of October 1, you’ll need to select ICD-10 codes rather than the ICD-9 codes currently in use. The ICD-10 codes are available on the patient audiology tab.

All of the relevant ICD-10 codes for hearing healthcare are pre-loaded in Blueprint OMS. The codes selected will populate on the HCFA claim form, the same way as ICD-9 codes populate today.

Add “Orderable” items to your catalog

Blueprint Solutions maintains the list of hearing aids and options currently available from the major manufacturers.

However, you can now add your own “Orderable items” (including hearing aids and options) to your catalog.

This will be helpful when:

  • You have ALDS, accessories, or earmolds for which you would like to track order/repair status the same way as hearing aids
  • You have ALDS or accessories for which you would like to track inventory, or loan to patients
  • You need to order products from specialty vendors which are not in the standard Blueprint catalog
  • You would like to track cost or revenue for a product using accounts which are different from other hearing aids
  • You need to order a hearing aid right away and cannot wait for it to be added to the Blueprint catalog

When entering a new order, any “orderable” items (which are not hearing aids) can be selected on the new Select other manufacturer items screen.

Within the Hearing aids tab in the patient file, all “orderable” items will appear on the Ordered/delivered items tab.

Inactive items can be shown using the Show inactive items button, and the Inactive aids/earmolds tab has been elminated.

Note re: Mobile integration

As of the v2.2.5 release (April 2014), the iCal URLs for mobile calendar synchronization changed. The older iCal URLs have continued to function since that time, but will be disabled with this release.

If you setup your mobile integration prior to April 2014, you will need to correct the iCal URL on your mobile device(s) using the instructions here.

Bug fixes

  • Navigation tabs disappear when viewing a document
  • Blueprint locks up when “%” is typed
  • Show clinic telephone number on patient A/R statement
  • Annual calendar should show the same month as the main calendar
  • Schedule always prints in military time

To sign on with Blueprint, has to rank amongst the best few good business decisions I have ever made – and there have been many bad ones. Everything now works better for us – and in that the operational side is so smooth – we have much more time to offer to our clientele and to creativity. Even if we get slightly behind in up to the minute data – left click, right click catches up any admin backlog in minutes (with an invaluable link to QuickBooks).

Greg Clements
Clements Hearing

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