Blueprint OMS V2.4

Feature highlight: Service plans

If your clinic offers service packages or extended warranties for hearing aids, these can now be associated with any hearing aid.

Defining service plans

Service plans can be defined using Setup –> Service plans.

Setting the service plan for a hearing aid

This is done by right-clicking on the aid in the Hearing aids tab, then choosing the plan from the Service plan drop-down list.

Service plans are visible on the Hearing aids tab as well as the Summary tab within the patient file.

Targeted marketing based on service plan expiration

Patients can also be targeted for inclusion in a marketing campaign based on the expiration date of their service plan(s).

3rd party billing

Electronic submission of claims with more than 6 lines

For customers using Blueprint’s Electronic claims feature, it is now possibly to submit claims with more than 6 lines electronically.

PQRS reporting

Quick, easy-to-use PQRS reporting is now available in Blueprint OMS.

Procedures which require PQRS reporting are indicated with a “medical shield” icon on the Order items screen.

A reporting code can be added for the procedure by right-clicking and selecting Add PQRS.

The next step is to select the reporting code, and enter any relevant modifiers.

Multiple reporting codes can be added for a single procedure.

When a HCFA form is generated, the PQRS reporting line(s) will appear below the procedure.

General enhancements

“Return items” button allows returning hearing aids

Previously, using the Return items button on the Sales history screen would only allow returning non-HA items. Returning hearing aids could only be done from the Hearing aids screen.

This has been changed so that the Return items button will allow returning any of the items sold, including hearing aids.

Discount total shown when editing order/sale

Support for flat fee per return order

For clinics which prefer to charge a flat return fee (regardless of whether the order was monaural or binaural), this can now be configured in Blueprint.

Please submit a support ticket here if you would like to have this set up for your clinic.

Removing appointments from the “Action required” panel

This can now be done by right-clicking on the appointment and selecting Rescheduling –> Not required.

Reporting enhancements

The Company KPI Analysis report has been enhanced to run more quickly, and is now available under the Tools –> Reports (new) menu in Blueprint.

This new report replaces 4 older reports:

  • Company KPI Analysis
  • KPI Analysis by Location
  • KPI Analysis by Fitter
  • KPI Analysis by Mfr.

A prompt allows the user to select how the report should be grouped:


Location now applies to all A/R transactions

Previously the Location was only applicable for patient Invoices, but the location can now be set for all A/R transactions, including:

  • Payments
  • Returns
  • Refunds
  • Miscellaneous credits

Income/COGS accounts configurable on a per-HA basis

Previously, for hearing aid transactions sent to Quickbooks, the Income and Cost of Goods Sold accounts used were always those set for the Hearing aid item in the Quickbooks item list.

It is now possible to configure those accounts for individual hearing aids, using the Setup function in Blueprint.

Bank deposits can be deleted

If an error is made when entering a bank deposit in Blueprint, the deposit can be deleted to allow re-entry of the corrected deposit.

This function is available to users with the Delete bank deposits privilege.

Patient name and memo visible on “Use credits” dialog

When applying unused credits as part of a 3rd party payment, the Use credits dialog now includes the patient name and the memo for the return transaction, in the list of credits.

Simplified process for issuing “Miscellaneous” credits

This can now be done by right-clicking on an invoice, and selecting Issue credit.

Once the credit is saved, it will automatically be applied to the invoice.

Simplified process for credit card refunds

Previously (for customers using Blueprint’s Integrated payments feature) a credit card refund could only be created from an unapplied credit card payment. This meant that when items were returned (creating a credit memo), the credit memo could not be used to refund the card originally used.

Refunding the original card required the user to unapply the payment first, and apply the credit memo to the original invoice in place of the payment.

This has been simplified so that the user can choose to refund the card used for the original payment, with the credit memo as the source for the refund.

Printable refund receipts

When a refund is issued, Blueprint now produces a printable Refund receipt. For credit card refunds, the transaction reference number is included.

Return reason shown on RFC form

When returning hearing aids to a manufacturer, return reason is now shown on the Return for credit form.

Setup and configuration

Configuring document categories and statuses

These can now be configured using the Setup function in Blueprint.

Easier configuration of user location access/scheduling

The new Select all checkboxes make it easier to give a user access to all locations (or revoke access from all locations). The same applies for location scheduling.


In addition to general performance enhancements to make marketing queries run faster, and faster loading of the Selected patients list, the following improvements have been made:

Filter for last aid purchase which ignores year

This is particularly useful for finding patients due for an annual cleaning, regardless of the year their aids were purchased.

Bug fixes

  • Cannot cancel order although aids are in “Ordered” status
  • Amounts not correctly displayed for unapplied credits
  • Cannot receive insurer deposit from “3p ledger” screen
  • “Unexpected error” when manually adding/removing patients from marketing campaign

I had to send you a huge THANK YOU email for the text snippets in OMSv2.5. You have forever improved Blueprint OMS and made a clinicians daily life SO MUCH easier. Thank you for the awesome upgrade features! This update was packed full of very practical updates and one of the best yet!!!!!! A feature like this improves work/life balance by helping us do “paperwork” more efficiently. The ability to personalize the snippets is awesome. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Dr. Erin Rellinger
Eye Consultants of Atlanta

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