Blueprint OMS V2.6


Create category button for text snippets

No need to right-click on the word Text snippets to find the Add new text snippet category button.

text snippet category 2

A new Create text snippet category button is easily found by going to Setup –> Text snippet categories –> Create new –> Create text snippet category.


Text snippets in alphabetical order

For quick locating, text snippets will now appear in alphabetical order when composing a report.

Text snippets alfabetic


Setting patient and insurer opening balances

In order to clear or set a balance on a patient’s or 3rd party’s file (perhaps, as reconciliation from a data import or file transfer), users with the privilege titled Set Opening Balance can create an opening balance on a file.

Opening balance

Open balances for patients can be set by going to the Patient drop down menu –> Set opening balance.

Set opening bal

Select an open balance Date and Open balance amount –> Update. Open balances for 3rd parties can be set by going to Accounting –> 3rd party ledger –> select the Insurer –> New transaction –> Set opening balance. Open balances will not push to QuickBooks.

3rd open bal

New ‘Returned to stock’ and ‘Returned to manufacturer’ status

When viewing inactive items in the patient’s Hearing aids tab, you will now see new Returned to manufacturer and Returned to stock statuses. The new status options will also appear within the History panel for a selected hearing aid.

Returned to stock


Memo line on bank deposits

When entering a bank deposit in Blueprint, a new Memo line is available.

Deposit detail

Any information entered into the Memo line when saving a deposit will appear on the Bank deposit details slip in Blueprint. The memo line will also appear on the deposit within QuickBooks, if your Blueprint is linked with QuickBooks.

Bank deposit


Plot and store binaural bone tone points

Binaural bone tone points can now be stored and graphed within Blueprint. These data points will pull over automatically if your Blueprint is linked with Noah, or these points can be added manually in the patient’s Audiology tab. A third row has been added to the Pure tone screen. Hovering over the data points will show you the corresponding side in the bubble text (right, left, binaural).

binaural tone

The bone tone points are plotted in the color black, with a ^ representing a binaural BC point and an S representing a binaural SF point.

Banaural 2

Merge field for clinic location name on custom templates

A new merge field is now available for clinic location name. For both Microsoft Word and PDF templates, use the merge field name clinicLocationName.


Changes to Patient Details tab transfers to Patient Insurers tab

An update on a patient’s Details tab will now automatically update on the patient’s Insurers tab, if Self is the selected relationship.


Bug Fixes

• Currently, there is a 10-character length restriction on user passwords. This can now be configured. If you would like to set a minimum or maximum password length for your practice, please contact our support team.

• For clinics not linked with QuickBooks, the character limit when creating new items has been increased to 100.

• When using the Deliver all items option when delivering hearing aids, a new Deliver item journal entry is created for each item delivered.

• Some manufacturer street address numbers did not display correctly on the repair order form. This has now been fixed.

• On rare occasions, the patient’s Sales history screen may have shown the wrong repair description. This has now been fixed.

• The unit of some patient addresses did not display correctly in box 5 of the HCFA claim form. This has now been fixed.

• Occasionally, the font selected when creating a template in Microsoft Word would automatically change once uploaded and generated in Blueprint. This has now been fixed, and the font on the template will remain the same when generated in Blueprint. PDF templates will still only support Times, Courier, and Helvetica.

• Previously, for clinics operating in multiple time zones, multiple Launch Links had to be utilized. Time zone will now be automatically detected and dynamically changed based on the location selected by the user. Therefore, only one Launch Link is now needed.


I just want to let you know how much I love working with Blueprint and how wonderful and helpful your staff is. Thanks so much!

Melissa Wikoff, Au.D.
Peachtree Hearing

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