Blueprint OMS V2.7

New Features

New search method

A new search method on the Patient browser will easily narrow down a patient search based on the text string entered into the search field. The Advanced search option is now accessible through a collapsible, drop-down bar at the top of the Patient browser.

The same search method is available when creating recalls.

Select predefined Recall type

Recall type can now be selected from a predefined list.

New Recall types can be created under Setup > Recall types > Create new by users who have access to the Maintain recall types privilege.

Assign recalls

Recalls can be assigned to a specific user and Notes can be added to a recall.

Make recalls Required

If a recall type is marked as Required, it will be included in the Action needed recall period.

The recall will be flagged in red if it is due within the next 7 days (or overdue), and the patient does not have an appointment scheduled within the next 30 days.

My Recalls

Users can filter Recalls by Assignee, or optionally use the new My recalls tab to view all recalls assigned to them.

  • The red number badge next to the My recalls tab will indicate the number of recalls assigned to you.
  • The red number badge next to the Recalls tab will indicate the number of recalls for the practice overall.

Recalls visible in patient Marketing tab

When completing a recall, Outcome and Notes can be added.

Active and Completed recalls are both visible in the patient’s Marketing tab.

Click the Show completed recalls toggle button to show/hide completed recalls. Recalls can now also be added for the patient from this screen by clicking on the add recall button. To complete or cancel recalls from this screen right click on the recall and a drop down menu will appear.

BPLink as a Service

The BPLink application for the Blueprint/Noah integration can now be setup as a service.

If setup as a service, you no longer have to click on the BPLink desktop icon to turn the link on. Please contact the Blueprint Solutions support team if interested in switching your BPLink to a service.

Track referral source for all events

Referral source can now be tracked on each patient appointment.

Referral source can also be tracked on each patient invoice.

The referral source for both appointments and invoices will default to the most recent source selected for the patient. A history of referral sources selected can be viewed and edited in the patient’s Marketing tab.

Custom invoice templates with ability to add notes

Custom invoices can be created in Microsoft Word and uploaded into Blueprint under Setup > Templates > Invoice templates by users who have access to the Manage templates privilege.  A new Word invoice template will default for any customers who do not currently use a custom invoice template.

Invoice templates can optionally be used for battery/accessory/service sales, hearing aid/orderable item invoices, and/or repair invoices. They can contain default disclaimers and notes.

When completing a sale, clicking into the Notes field will allow for free text, or the use of text snippets, to be displayed on the invoice.

Sales Report (new)

A new Sales Report is available under Tools > Reports (new). The Sales Report will display all sales, returns, payments, write-offs and refunds within the specified date range for both patients and 3rd parties.


Enter 3rd party payments/write-offs from patient’s Sales history screen

Third party payments and write-offs can now be entered directly from the patient’s Sales history screen by right-clicking on an invoice allocated to a 3rd party > Receive/apply payments.

Unlimited insurance companies

An unlimited number of insurers can now be stored in the patient’s Insurers tab.

Easily remove items from an order or return

Items can be easily removed from a sale or order by clicking the X icon next to the item.

Enter alternate contact email address without street address

An alternate contact email address can now be entered without having to enter a street address.

Configurable setting to make patient email address required

If you would like to make the email address field required when creating a new patient, please contact the Blueprint solutions support team.

Add discount reasons

Discount reasons can be created or edited under Setup > Discount reasons by users who have access to the Maintain discount reasons privilege.

Add journal entry types

Journal entry types can be created or edited under Setup > Journal entry types by users who have access to the Maintain journal entry types privilege.

Option to disable journal editing

The ability to create and edit journal entries is currently accessible by any user with the ability to create a new patient.

You now have the option to restrict journal editing from all users. Please contact the Blueprint Solutions support team to request the disabling of all journal editing.

Search for items based on Catalog No. on Order/Sales tab

Hearing aids, Orderable items, and Services/Batteries/Accessories can now be searched for based on CPT code or Catalog number.

When performing a sale or order, click on an item within a pricing catalog and begin typing part or all of the CPT code/Catalog number to quickly locate the desired item.

3rd party invoice number

Invoices allocated to 3rd parties will now have separate invoice numbers (one number higher than then the number on the patient’s invoice). The 3rd party invoice number can be found by hovering over the 3p total column in the patient’s Sales history screen.

Sales receipts no longer supported

Receiving a payment against a custom invoice will no longer generate a Sales receipt. If you would like a payment receipt to auto-populate upon receiving a payment, please contact the Blueprint Solutions support team to configure this in your database.

Bug Fixes

  • Some single privileges (Maintain text snippets, Maintain document properties, etc.) were not accessible without access to at least one other Setup menu privilege. This has now been fixed, and users can be granted access to a single privilege in the Setup menu if needed.
  • Users can now submit support tickets from the Help drop-down menu without an email address stored on file.
  • “This and future instances” of availability on the schedule could not be updated if there were events booked under that availability. This has now been fixed.
  • Font size in Blueprint was appearing very small for high-resolution screens. Please contact the Blueprint Solutions support team to make a database adjustment if you need to access your Blueprint application on a device with a high-resolution screen.

To sign on with Blueprint, has to rank amongst the best few good business decisions I have ever made – and there have been many bad ones. Everything now works better for us – and in that the operational side is so smooth – we have much more time to offer to our clientele and to creativity. Even if we get slightly behind in up to the minute data – left click, right click catches up any admin backlog in minutes (with an invaluable link to QuickBooks).

Greg Clements
Clements Hearing

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