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Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboarddashboard_inscreen

Get instant insight into provider and clinic performance with customizable dashboards. See all of your key performance indicators (KPIs) in one place, including financials, sales, closing rates and much more.

Each KPI is represented by a widget. Users will be able to customize the dashboard to suit their individual needs, including:

  • Adding and removing widgets
  • Changing dashboard layout, widget colors, and text labels
  • Changing widget parameters (e.g. data timeframe, displayed range)

Dashboard can be accessed from your iPhone, iPad or smart phone.

Please click to read more about ‘Managing with KPIs’

Standard KPI widgets available are:

  • New patients
  • Active patients
  • Opportunity binaural rate
  • Opportunity closing rate
  • Opportunity conversions
  • No show rate
  • Test binaural rate
  • Test closing rate
  • Appointment conversions
  • Order backlog
  • Revenue potential
  • Net units fit
  • Net units gauge
  • Net units instant gauge
  • Return rate
  • Return units
  • Exchange rate
  • Exchange units
  • Net HA revenue
  • Net HA revenue completion
  • Net HA revenue gauge
  • Net HA revenue instant gauge
  • HA average selling price
  • Net revenue
  • Gross profit
  • Gross profit gauge
  • Gross units
  • HA cost
  • HA gross profit
  • Location performance
  • Patient AR aging
  • Provider performance

Additional monthly fee applies:

1 dashboard: $14.00

2 Dashboards: $24.00

Each additional dashboard: $7.00

Blueprint has been a major help in running my practice. It is so much easier to track patients and hearing aids – great for marketing! The technical support is fantastic.

Kathy Rocuant, AuD
Hearing Physicians Centers

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