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Manage hearing aid ordering and hearing aid information

With Blueprint OMS you can manage your hearing aid ordering process. Track hearing aids ordered, as well as hearing aids received but not delivered. Manage hearing aids sent for repair, and track receipts and delivery back to the patient. Generate manufacturer forms for new orders, repair orders and returns. No more filling out manufacturer forms by hand. When receiving hearing aids you can scan the bar-coded serial numbers for fast error free entry to Blueprint OMS.

Once hearing aids have been sold and delivered to the patient, you can track key information such as purchase date, make, model, color, serial#, warranty and L&D expiration, notes and repair history.

Blueprint OMS also allows you to track ALDs and serialized accessories.



Paperless digital signatures

Documents can now be signed electronically using a signature pad.

Please contact Blueprint Solutions if interested in purchasing a compatible signature pad.

Scan serial numbers instead of typing

To reduce keying errors and save time, you can also scan the bar-coded serial numbers from the box for each hearing aid.


Check in inventory by scanning PO numbers

When receiving hearing aids from a manufacturer, you can start the process by scanning the bar-coded purchase order # from the packing slip (instead of searching for the order in a list).

We are currently working with several manufacturers to make these bar codes available, and will announce availability on a per-manufacturer basis.

We have had good experience with, and can recommend the POS-X VLINE-BS1-U barcode scanner, available online here.


I had to send you a huge THANK YOU email for the text snippets in OMSv2.5. You have forever improved Blueprint OMS and made a clinicians daily life SO MUCH easier. Thank you for the awesome upgrade features! This update was packed full of very practical updates and one of the best yet!!!!!! A feature like this improves work/life balance by helping us do “paperwork” more efficiently. The ability to personalize the snippets is awesome. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Dr. Erin Rellinger
Eye Consultants of Atlanta

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