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Blueprint OMS makes managing time, people, patients, clinics, and resources a breeze. All within an easy to use, graphical user interface. Choose between many different display options such as:

  • day
  • week
  • month
  • View multiple or individual clinics
  • Select color coding by provider or appointment type.
  • Schedule by provider availability.

Drag and drop to reschedule appointments. Sync your schedule to your smartphone or tablet. Setup block scheduling or repeat appointments. Manage appointment status and appointment confirmation.


Go Mobile.BPS_SmartPhone_Calendar

See your appointment schedule wherever you are.

Blueprint OMS synchronizes seamlessly to your smartphone or tablet calendar.


Instant Messaging Patient Arrival

One of the unique, innovative features in Blueprint OMS  is the ability to check a patient in to your clinic upon arrival. It’s like an inner office Instant Message!

This will automatically send a patient arrival notification to the provider. The provider must be logged into Blueprint OMS to receive the notification. If the provider is running a different program (Blueprint OMS minimized), the notification will still pop up on the provider’s PC.


The provider can respond with one of three standard messages or type a message back to the front office.



In Clinic Monitor

Once the patient has been marked as ‘Arrived,’ the patient is placed in the ‘In Clinic’ monitor. This is another new, innovative Blueprint OMS feature. The ‘In Clinic’ monitor will enable the tracking of patients in the waiting room and patients with appointments in progress.


A timer will indicate how long the patient has been in the waiting room. If the patient is waiting more than five minutes past the appointment time, the patient name will turn red.

Using the ‘In Clinic’ monitor feature will provide the clinic with data for the patient’s punctuality, as well as provide information regarding average wait times and process times by appointment type and provider within a new report. The patient punctuality information is also displayed on the patient summary screen.


By the way, as we’re getting further in to our implementation of Blueprint, we’re finding that we really like it — easy to use, does more than we expected, great support, so far very good reliability — our compliments to the entire team at Blueprint Solutions.  We didn’t have an OMS prior to Blueprint so can’t compare it to the competition, but we would certainly recommend it to other audiologists, especially those who have never had a system before. The training videos are excellent!

Mark Palmer
Center for Audiology Services

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