Office Ally Setup

Blueprint Solutions recommends submitting electronic claims through Office Ally (

Submission can be done with one click directly from Blueprint OMS. Here are the steps to begin:

  1. Contact Stephanie Maciel, your representative at Office Ally, to get the registration process started: or phone 360-975-7000 ext. 3.
  2. When your Office Ally (OA) account is active, send your OA username and password to Our team will request a SFTP setup with OA.
  3. You will receive two emails from OA with SFTP in the subject line. Please send both emails to
  4. Enroll with required payers, such as Medicare. Enrollment forms are available on the Office Ally website.
  5. Schedule training with OA – to learn how to manage claims, check the status of claims, and fix denied claims in your OA account.
  6. Start submitting claims from Blueprint OMS. Claims are submitted with one click from the Blueprint OMS HCFA screen.
  7. After submitting from Blueprint OMS, your claim status and progress can be monitored from the Office Ally website.

Your Office Ally contact is:
Office Ally, LLC.
360-975-7000 extension 3

An instructional reference for filling out HCFA 02/12 forms can be found at

IMPORTANT: Blueprint Solutions and Office Ally (OA) are not associated. Blueprint Solutions does not provide support for OA services.

Please note that payer enrollment can take several weeks.


PRICING: OA does not charge for claims processing, unless 50% or more of your claims are government claims. In that case, you will be charged $19.95 per month, unlimited claims.

There is a one-time Blueprint Solutions setup fee of $199.00 for configuring your Office Ally (OA) connection.

By the way, as we’re getting further in to our implementation of Blueprint, we’re finding that we really like it — easy to use, does more than we expected, great support, so far very good reliability — our compliments to the entire team at Blueprint Solutions.  We didn’t have an OMS prior to Blueprint so can’t compare it to the competition, but we would certainly recommend it to other audiologists, especially those who have never had a system before. The training videos are excellent!

Mark Palmer
Center for Audiology Services

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