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Blueprint OMS allows you to manage many aspects of your patient data:

  • Patient demographics
  • Alternate contact
  • Hearing aids and ALDs
  • Audiogram data and hearing loss profile
  • Chart notes
  • Patient history
  • Insurance information
  • Patient segmentation and referral source tracking
  • A/R and sales history
  • Files and scanned documents

All information is organized in individual tabs that make access fast, easy and efficient.

View essential information in the Patient Summary Smart Screen!

This screen shows essential patient information such as demographics, last and next appointment, hearing aid information, audiograms and much more, providing quick insight into the patient scenario. A patient summary report can be printed by clicking the Print button on the bottom of the screen.



Close up of demographics section with:

  • Name/DOB/Age
  • Contact information/Address
  • Sticky note/Insurance/Groups/Referral source/Patient type

Summary screen demographics

Close up of other key information:

  • Provider/Clinic location
  • Balance/Punctuality statistics/No show rate

Summary screen balance etc

Opportunity highlighting

Color coding brings opportunities and other critical information to the user’s attention.

Summary screen warranty


Thanks again for all of your help. It has been a pleasure working with you. Best wishes as Blueprints continues to grow. Your quick response to questions and ability to make the program work the way we prefer it to has made this transition as painless as possible. We looked at a lot of programs before choosing Blueprints, and I am thankful we made the best decision.

Dawn Craig
Center for Audiology Services

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