Journal and Chart Notes

Progress and Chart Note Tracking  

The Journal can be used as the patient’s medical record. Enter chart notes or other patient-specific notes quickly and easily.

Certain entries to the journal happen automatically based on important events such as delivering a hearing aid, emailing the patient, or scheduling a patient appointment.

Each journal entry denotes the time and type of activity performed, the name of the user who performed the activity, and any additional text.

Text Snippets  

Text snippets can be used for journal entries, either for inserting a template or entering common findings and background information, such as medical history.

Drag-and-drop your text segments into your journal entry. Optionally, use “Auto text” shortcuts which are replaced with full text strings — An excellent option if you are use to “shorthand.”

Share your text library among  providers at your practice, or create your own text library only available under your personal login.

Complete with a spell checker, the Journal and your personal text library will help save valuable time.

Font and Color Options  

Easily format your journal entries with various font and color options.

Color coding specific text for easy reading and clinic awareness can help increase efficiency at your office.

Go Paperless  

Select one or more journal entries on a patient file to create a practice-specific PDF for emailing or faxing.

Using your Journal for medical recording and other patient related notes is one more way Blueprint OMS can get you closer to operating a paper-free practice.

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