Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Ordering and Management  

With Blueprint OMS, you can manage your hearing aid ordering process.

View custom and stock hearing aids ordered, as well as hearing aids received from the manufacturer but not delivered to the patient. Manage hearing aids sent for repair, and track receipts and delivery back to the patient.

Track key information such as:

  • Purchase date
  • Make, Model, Color
  • Serial#
  • Warranty and L&D expiration
  • Service plan
  • Notes
  • Repair history

Track hearing aid orders by date, manufacturer, or location.

Managing Warranties  

Tracking and extending warranty dates in Blueprint OMS is extremely easy!

The automatic color-coding function in Blueprint OMS allows for easy identification of warranty status.

  • Green indicates 90 days or less remaining on the warranty.
  • Red indicates the warranty is now expired.

A Recall is automatically generated for patients with a warranty expiring within 30 days. Even better — The Blueprint OMS Marketing module allows you to generate a custom mailing in a matter of seconds to send to patients with warranties about to expire. It does not get any easier than this!

ALD and Accessory Tracking  

Blueprint OMS allows for easy ordering and management of ALDs and serialized accessories.

You have the option to sell, loan, and reserve custom and stock ALDs, along with serial numbers, warranty dates, colors, and notes.

Manufacturer Forms  

Generate new hearing aid and repair order forms to print, email, or fax to your manufacturers directly out of Blueprint OMS. No more scrambling to locate and fill in order forms by hand!

Manufacturer-specific order forms are customized to include your clinic account numbers and are editable on screen for easy addition of instructions.

Purchase Agreements  

Generate your clinic-specific purchase agreement auto-populated with patient information, hearing aid data, and your signature.

Optionally, have your patient sign your agreement electronically for a true paperless solution.

Click here for more information about Custom forms and templates.

Tracking Loaner/Trial Hearing Aids  

Track hearing aids out on loan or in trial. Generate a loaner agreement for the patient to sign before leaving the office. A Recall is automatically generated for any patients approaching the return date of their loaned aid.

Easily see all aids on loan in the Inventory module, as well as complete the sale of loaned aids or return them to stock for tracking.

More information on tracking Inventory through Blueprint OMS, click here.

Bar-coded Serial Numbers  

Scan the serial number bar code on the hearing aid box or shipping document from the manufacturer to automatically enter the serial number in your Blueprint!

Scanning bar codes will save you time and ensure error-free entry of serial numbers.

We recommend the NADAMOO 433Mhz Wireless Barcode Scanner available online here.

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