Noah Integration

Patient Information Sync to Noah  

Blueprint OMS provides a real-time integration with Noah.

Blueprint OMS uses HIMSA’s latest interface, which leaves your Noah system intact as a standalone application. Unlike other software providers, Blueprint OMS does not require the embedding of your Noah, allowing you to easily upgrade Noah without hassle.

A patient can be created in Noah from Blueprint OMS, even if there is no Noah system running on the PC — It’s all done through the Cloud.

Audiogram Sync to Blueprint  

Once you complete a hearing evaluation in Noah, the audiological data is sent back to Blueprint OMS, where it becomes available for medical report writing and marketing.

GSI Suite™ Integration  

Blueprint OMS provides a fully, customizable report writer for the quick composing of patient and medical reports.

Optionally, a seamless integration between the GSI Suite™ and Blueprint OMS can be setup in a few easy steps. Once a report is filed in GSI Suite™, it will be automatically imported to the patient’s Documents tab in Blueprint OMS, where it is available for viewing, printing, emailing, or faxing.

If your preferred report writer can export a PDF to a specific location on your computer, we can send it automatically to Blueprint OMS — Contact us for more information!

See Noah Integration in Action  

Noah Cloud Hosting  

Separate Noah databases? Interested in having your Noah database hosted in the cloud? No problem.

Ask us about networking and Noah cloud-hosting options!

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