Automate your patient marketing  

Once activated, the marketing automation will send patient marketing emails automatically. No email address? The patient will be added to a queue for letter printing.

Curious how patients respond to your messaging? Run a report to discover your email open rate and find out what messages resonate with your patients.

Create engaging emails in minutes  

Our new email designer lets you create visually appealing templates with graphics, buttons, photos, social media links, and varied fonts and layouts.

This tool supports multi-language and full branding options for marketing emails, enhancing your professional image.

Unleash the power of your data  

Increase revenue quickly and easily by leveraging resell opportunities “hidden” within your database. Unleash the power of your data through the Blueprint OMS Marketing module.

Using the Marketing Automation or custom campaigns, contact patients due for warranty extensions, annual hearing test reminders, tested not sold, upgrades, and much more! All forms generated in Blueprint OMS are branded with your logo to help increase brand awareness and aid patient loyalty.

Data Mining Tool for Targeting Specific Patients  

The key to effective patient marketing is to deliver the right message to the right patients at the right time — This is what the Marketing module in Blueprint OMS enables you to do, ensuring that Blueprint OMS pays for itself time and time again.

Click here for a comprehensive list of data filter options.

Upload your Custom Letters  

Generate custom labels, letters, envelopes, and email lists with a single click!

Templates for patient forms including marketing letters, patient correspondence, and physician communication can be created using Microsoft Word, and uploaded directly into Blueprint OMS.

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