Partner Integrations

5 Keys Communication  

5 Keys Communication is an auditory rehabilitation program integrated with Blueprint OMS. 5 Keys provides education, training, counseling, and resources to your patients through an online program and a patient handbook.

Hearing care providers have limited time and resources when it comes to providing auditory rehab, so this year-long program teaches your patients everything they need to know in order to be successful with their hearing aids — from realistic expectations and hearing aid maintenance to effective communication strategies.

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CareCredit® is a health, wellness, and personal care credit card that helps patients get the care they want and need, without delaying appointments or treatment.

CareCredit’s integration into Blueprint OMS helps your practice save time, increase productivity and makes it easier for patients to apply for the CareCredit credit card and process transactions. This helps give patients a financing option so they can move forward with recommended hearing care.

CareCredit’s Blueprint OMS integration will help save time, streamline the payment process and minimize human error.

  • Easier to transact and post payments directly to the patient ledger
  • Easier to Apply
  • Look up cardholder account numbers

For CareCredit questions, contact Drew Nagle at

Office Ally  

Easily generate an on-screen, editable HCFA 1500 form directly in Blueprint OMS and submit electronically to the clearinghouse, Office Ally with a single click. Office Ally offers:

  • Submission to over 5,000 payers
  • No contracts to sign
  • Claims processing is FREE through Blueprint OMS
  • Office Ally does not charge for claims processing unless 50% or more of your claims are submitted to non-participating payers or Medicare/Medicaid. In this case, a monthly fee of $35.00 is assessed.
  • Detailed summary reports
  • Online patient eligibility checking

Visit Office Ally for more information.

Merchant Preferred  

Give your practice the easiest solution available for processing credit cards.

Integration with Merchant Preferred offers:

  • Lower rate guarantee
  • Representation for you with the Processing Bank
  • Advanced financial reporting
  • PCI Compliant
  • Ease of use — Simply swipe or key enter your patients’ credit cards securely in seconds.
  • Save counter space — Small, USB card swiper provided at no charge.
  • Eliminate double entry — Payments are processed directly in Blueprint OMS and immediately posted to the patient’s account.

Contact Merchant Preferred for a free “apples to apples” pricing comparison demonstrating your lower rate and potential savings.


Blueprint OMS integrates directly with MedPB Online Review Builder™, which helps you manage your online reputation, easily collect reviews, and attract more new patients.

With the Blueprint-MedPB integration, no extra work is required on your part to request a patient review. It is a fully automated, seamless integration.

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Data feed from Blueprint OMS to Emporia® is possible. If you are using Emporia® for its “drip marketing” functions, we can set up an automatic data feed from Blueprint OMS to your Emporia® account by request.


Blueprint OMS integrates directly with the AudiologyDesign Review Generation service. This service allows you to acquire more patient reviews, testimonials and feedback automatically.

With the Blueprint OMS-AudiologyDesign integration, never upload email lists or manually enter patient names in your dashboard again!

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Data feed from Blueprint OMS to Infusionsoft® is possible. If you are using Infusionsoft® for its “drip marketing” functions, we can set up an automatic data feed from Blueprint OMS to your Infusionsoft® account by request.

Data Feed to Consult YHN and Audigy Business Intelligence  

  • Consult YHN: Automatically feed data from your Blueprint OMS into the Consult YHN Wake Up Call – An analytics tracker for reporting solutions to boost productivity.
  • Audigy: Automatically feed data from your Blueprint OMS into the Audigy Pulse Dashboard – A practice management dashboard assisting you in evaluating every aspect of your business, with peer bench-marking so you can see where your practice stands in relation to similar peers across the county.

Audiology Plus  

Integrate your Blueprint OMS schedule with the Audiology Plus ReviewMe® platform to boost your online reputation and help you automatically capture positive patient reviews, testimonials, and feedback. The Blueprint OMS online appointment booking tool can also be linked with your Google-optimized one-page website from Audiology Plus to increase your online visibility.


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