QuickBooks Integration

Complete Patient Transaction Posting  

Blueprint OMS provides a real-time integration with QuickBooks®.

Financial transactions generated in Blueprint OMS are immediately posted into QuickBooks® — No need for transaction downloads, batch posting or redundant data entry. Posting to QuickBooks® is done through the cloud to the QuickBooks® PC.

Blueprint OMS has full A/R functionality, allowing staff members to perform all required transactions between the practice and its patients directly in Blueprint OMS. As such, QuickBooks® access can be limited to management and accounting staff.

Inventory Posting  

With the introduction of the Blueprint OMS inventory module, you have a number of options in terms of how inventory and accounts payable transactions are posted in QuickBooks®.

Track all hearing aids and serialized accessories in stock, on loan, reserved for patients, or out for repair.

Manufacturer Bill Posting  

Manufacturer invoices can be entered directly into Blueprint OMS for posting to the Vendor Center in QuickBooks®.

Track associated shipping and delivery charges, as well as update costs associated with hearing aids as sales take place. Mange and pay bills easily through your QuickBooks®.

See QuickBooks Integration in Action  

View the video to see all transaction posting in Blueprint OMS and integration with QuickBooks®.

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