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Blueprint OMS + Oticon have collaborated to formulate email templates featuring the new Oticon Intent™ hearing aids!

These graphics-based email templates can be pre-loaded into Blueprint OMS with Oticon Intent™ images and messages, making it easy to notify your patients of the new technology. 

Attach these templates to your marketing automation campaigns, or use them in a blast email to a specific patient list, informing your patients about the next chapter of BrainHearing™ technology.

The new Oticon Business Enhancement Support PLUS (BES+) Rewards Program allows you to earn points from qualified Oticon hearing aid purchases to redeem for Blueprint OMS services. 

Together our aim is to ensure you are prepared to help more patients engage in life like never before with great service, tools, and support to ensure your fitting success!

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    Oticon customers be sure to log on to your MyOticon Account to see Special Offers and Coupons available to you including marketing, equipment, accessories and more!

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