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Want to make sure you have covered everything? Here is a tutorial video checklist to track the training you have completed and add notes! Tutorial Checklist

Managed Care Webinar
ESCO + Blueprint Solutions Webinar
Clinic automations webinar
Graphics-based email marketing webinar
US Billing Enhancements Webinar
v4.5 Clinic Efficiency Webinar
Online Appointment Booking Webinar
Setup Menu Webinar
Recalls Webinar
Online Patient Payments
New Features and Enhancements in v4.0.1
Going Paperless Webinar
Noah Integration Workflow Webinar
Marketing Automation Webinar
Online Forms Webinar
Advanced Scheduling Webinar
Inventory Webinar
Telehealth Webinar
ORD Webinar
Tech tip: sticky note feature
Tech Tip: Emailing and faxing docs out of Blueprint OMS
The Story Behind The Online Appointment Booking Feature
Key Benefits of Blueprint OMS
3. How to Navigate the Setup Menu
4. User Administration
5. How to Schedule Availability
6. Create A New Appointment
7. How to Utilize the In Clinic Monitor
8. How to Create a Patient
9. How to Navigate the Patient Summary Screen
10. How to Navigate the Audiology Tab
11. How to Add a Patient Journal Entry
12. How to Add Insurance to a Patient File
13. Patient’s Marketing Tab
14. How to do a Quick Sale
15. How to Add a Hearing Aid to a Patient File
16. How to Edit Hearing Aid Details
17. How to Order Hearing Aids
18. How to Receive a Hearing Aid
19. How to Deliver a Hearing Aid
20. Sending a Hearing Aid for Repair
22. Order Stock Aids
23. Return Stock Aids
24. How Return Credits are Automatically Applied to an Unpaid Invoice
25. How to Issue a Patient Credit
26. How to Show Open Balances
27. How to Navigate the Sales History and Apply Payments to Multiple Invoices
28. How to Unapply Payments and Credits
29. How to Void an Invoice
30. How to Enter Bank Deposits
31. Marketing Module
33. How to Loan from Stock and Sell from Stock
34. Document Management
36. How to Add Recalls
37. Audiology Report
38. How to Reprint a Receipt
39. Third Party Ledger
40. Utilize 3rd Party Billing
41. How to Generate a HCFA 1500 Form
42. How to Email and Fax
43. Manage Templates
44. Manage Templates – Default Signatures
46. Dymo Label
47. Canadian Insurance
48. PQRS Reporting (US Only)
49. Sprint CapTel
50. How To Get Started With Online Appointment Booking
CareCredit Integration
52. Audioscan Integration

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