Following Up With Your ‘Cancel/No-Show’ Appointments

August 27, 2018

Following up with your patients is crucial, especially if they have canceled or did not show up for their appointment. It is important to reach out to a patient because it will allow you to find out why they were not able to make it and offer them an option to re-schedule.

With Blueprint OMS, you can find easy ways to manage following up with patients. Get started with automated appointment reminders and you can send notifications to patient’s right through emails and text messages. This will allow them to confirm, cancel, or even let you know they need to reschedule their appointment.

Aside from our automated appointment reminders, Blueprint OMS also has a scheduling reminder module to keep track of the patients you need to make a phone call to, appointments that have been canceled, or the ones you need to reschedule. You will have a constant reminder of how many patients you need to contact, making the process more efficient.

If a patient cancels, or simply does not show their appointment, make sure you are following up with them. If they do not show and you do not follow up, they are going to assume you do not need their business. Let your patients know you care and that you are the best practice for them.

If you would like to get started with automated appointment reminders, or need more information regarding our scheduling reminder module, please contact us today!

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