Newest Enhancements and Fixes in Update 3 of v3.0

April 29, 2019

In this article:

  • CareCredit Patient Financing Integration
  • Electronic Claims Processing With Change Healthcare
  • Unique Online Booking URLs By location
  • Journal Filter Enhancements
  • Manually Edit Audiological Data Imported From NOAH
  • Report Updates

CareCredit Patient Financing Integration (US Only)

Access to CareCredit’s integrated services application is now available.

CareCredit payments and refunds can be initialized from a patient file and will automatically apply to the appropriate transaction in Blueprint OMS once processed. Patient applications may also be initialized from Blueprint OMS with patient information auto-populating in the CareCredit portal.

Initializing patient application for CareCredit

To activate the integration, simply select CareCredit from the setup menu, click “enable CareCredit integration” and enter your merchant number. See the user guide page for more information.

Enabling CareCredit integration

Electronic Claims Processing with Change Healthcare (US Only)

Users can now integrate with Change Healthcare to provide an additional integrated clearing house option for electronic claims processing.

Start enrolling with payers through Change Healthcare by filling out this form and emailing it to the listed contact. Once integrated, 1500 forms can be submitted electronically to Change Healthcare from Blueprint OMS.

Submitting electronically to Change Healthcare

Unique Online Booking URLs by location

For clinics with multiple locations, unique online booking links can be created for each location, allowing patients to bypass the “select location” step. Previously, all locations were listed under one online booking URL leaving it up to the patient to select a location.

Unique online booking URL’s can be accessed from the Locations section of the setup menu. Simply select the location, click “edit details”, and copy the URL or iFrame HTML code.

Accessing unique URL for the Shorewood location

Journal Filter Enhancements

In the journal, the organization of the entry types and users filter list has been changed to keep active users and event types listed above the inactive ones. This is to keep old, inactive entry types or users from cluttering the filter list.

Additionally, users can now hide/resize the filtering panel and filter settings will persist between login-logout sessions.

Filter column can be collapsed and re-sized

Manually Edit Audiological Data Imported From NOAH

Previously, when audiological results were passed from NOAH into Blueprint OMS through the NOAH integration, those data points were locked and edits were not possible in Blueprint OMS. With this change, all data fields passed over from NOAH can be modified in Blueprint OMS.

Report Updates

To improve reporting and provide additional business insights from the reporting module, we have made the following changes to our reports:

  • Location filter added to the Inventory, Inventory Snapshot, and HA Sale and Return Detail by Fitter reports.
  • Quantity, transaction type, and serial number data added to the XLS version of the Sales by Income Account report.
  • Patient address added to the XLS version of the Cancelled and No-Show Appointments report.
  • Date of birth added to the XLS version of the Daily Schedule report.

Have questions about these features? Our support team is always ready to assist! Get started by visiting our Help Center.

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