The Advanced Hearing Providers workers’ compensation claim form has now been pre-loaded into Blueprint OMS to help make it easier than ever to begin workers’ compensation claims. The form will auto-populate with relevant patient and clinic information and can be emailed directly from within Blueprint OMS.

Follow the 3 steps outlined below to submit your claims and get paid fast.

  1. Complete the Workers’ Comp Claim Form (AHP) from the Patient > Forms drop-down and email the form to Advanced Hearing Providers from Blueprint OMS.
  2. Receive authorization from Advanced Hearing Providers to order.
  3. Get paid by Advanced Hearing Providers in 10 days from fitting date (up to $1800 binaural fitting fee).

Advanced Hearing Providers takes care of all the paperwork and expedites the authorization process. Please note that not all claims are eligible for authorization.

Questions about the process? Contact Advanced Hearing Providers at 800.598.5300 or by email at