New Features and Enhancements in v4.0

November 19, 2021

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  • QuickBooks user-initiated synchronization
  • Non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks
  • Dark toolbar now available

QuickBooks User-Initiated Synchronization

Versions of Blueprint OMS prior to v4.0 provided a real-time QuickBooks integration. As of v4.0, the QuickBooks integration is taking the more resource-efficient and user-friendly form of a batch synchronization capability, where the batch synchronizations are initiated by a Blueprint OMS user with the Accounting synchronization user privilege, on the Windows computer hosting the QuickBooks company file. This new improved posting concept will eliminate the need to post a transaction to QuickBooks before it can be edited in Blueprint OMS. Now, transactions can be edited in Blueprint OMS at any time and as often as needed.

If your system was integrated with QuickBooks prior to v4.0, then you will notice the following:

First, the permanent Accounting tab at the top left-hand side of Blueprint OMS will no longer be present on the computer with the accounting link. Now, you will have a QuickBooks synchronization option in the Accounting drop-down menu.

The QuickBooks synchronization screen can be accessed from any computer that has Blueprint OMS installed, so any user with the necessary privilege can see transactions that haven’t been synchronized yet.

However, the synchronization can only be initiated from the computer with QuickBooks installed and the corresponding company file path set.

At the QuickBooks synchronization screen, you will see the following options:

  • At the top of the screen, the option to change your company file.
  • In the Synchronize tab, the transactions that have yet to be synchronized: to synchronize, ensure that QuickBooks is open and click Start.
  • In the Manual entry tab, transactions that are to be entered manually into QuickBooks, as designated by a Blueprint OMS user. At first, there will be no transactions in this tab, but as synchronization attempts fail (in the case that a transaction references another transaction or element that does not exist in QuickBooks), users can mark those failed attempts as “Enter manually,” and return to this screen to mark these manual entries completed when done. This tab can serve as a to-do list.
  • In the Old skipped transactions tab, any old skipped transactions from before the upgrade to v4.0. Some of these transactions can be retried, but others will have to be resolved by our technical team.

You can find further information about the QuickBooks integration here.

Q: Will the new QuickBooks batch posting allow for posting to QuickBooks Online?

A: QuickBooks Online is not HIPAA compliant. We are exploring ways to eliminate HIPAA data from the posting data for a future release.

Q: Are there other ways that I can get my QuickBooks cloud hosted?

A: Yes, a number of companies offer secure cloud hosting of QuickBooks. Contact support if interested and we will provide recommendations.

Non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks

Checks that have been entered as part of a bank deposit, and then bounced, can be marked NSF in the patient sales history screen. An additional fee for the NSF check can be entered in the Record NSF check dialog to be logged in QuickBooks. Then, in the patient sales history, the amount of the check will appear in the Debit column to offset the payment.

Dark toolbar now available

In the next step of the ongoing effort to modernize the appearance of the entire Blueprint OMS user interface, the main toolbar has been made darker and sleeker. In addition, the Recalls and My recalls buttons have been consolidated into one, and there is a new Reports button for quicker access to the reports module.




Have questions about these features? Our support team is always ready to assist! Get started by visiting our Help Center.
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