Tech Tip: Tips for keeping document storage low

December 14, 2022

Documents generated through Blueprint OMS and stored in the patient’s Documents tab take up very little space to store. Examples include purchase agreements, online forms, and insurance claims forms generated from within your Blueprint OMS, digitally signed by patients, and stored electronically. Although, you may find that documents you scan into Blueprint OMS take up more room. 


You receive your first GB of document storage complimentary, and then simply pay for the space you use on the Blueprint OMS cloud servers to store your documents electronically. The fee to store documents in Blueprint OMS is $19/mo after your first GB, and then $1 more per month for each additional GB of document storage used.

We hope you find this affordable solution a great opportunity for your practice to go completely paperless, as current research shows it costs, on average, $20 to file a single paper document. 

Going paperless

Not only can the ability to go completely paperless with Blueprint OMS be an extreme cost savings, but also it is a far more secure way of storing documents and an excellent solution to reducing your carbon footprint. 


Additionally, here are a few tips and recommendations on keeping your electronic document storage volume low in your Blueprint OMS:

  • Scan in black and white if the document does not need to be stored in color. This can significantly reduce the size of the document stored.
  • Set scanning resolution to 240 DPI, unless it is a document requiring a higher resolution, such as a driver’s license.
  • Documents such as invoices and receipts which do not contain a patient signature can be easily regenerated from the patient’s Sales history screen and do not require archiving. 
  • You can optionally delete older faxes from the Archived screen of your Fax outbox (Communications drop-down menu > Fax outbox), if a copy of the fax is already stored in the patient’s Documents screen and you no longer require a reference to the fax cover sheet which is only visible in the fax outbox. 

To check your existing document storage level within your Blueprint OMS, to the Help drop-down menu and select CloudDocs/Fax usage.

To learn more about going paperless, check out this section and its child pages in the User Guide here!


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*Xiong E. Council post: The sustainable impact of a paperless office. Forbes. Published May 11, 2021. 
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