3 Reasons to Refer Patients to ClearCaptions

January 22, 2024

Hearing care professionals have a new opportunity to revolutionize their patients’ communication experiences. ClearCaptions, a leader in captioned telephone services, is not just a product but a life-enhancing tool for those with hearing loss. Here are the top three reasons why referring your patients to ClearCaptions is a decision that can significantly improve their independence and quality of life.

1. Empowering Communication with Near Real-Time Captioning

ClearCaptions provides a vital service for individuals with hearing loss, enabling them to SEE their phone conversations. This can help your patients by:

  • Improving word recognition and making conversations clearer
  • Reducing listening fatigue
  • Ensuring no part of their conversation is missed

Also, thanks to ClearCaptions’ pioneering emergency alert system, patients can now receive lifesaving weather-related emergency alerts directly from FEMA to their caption phone.

2. Comprehensive Support and Service

When you refer a patient to ClearCaptions, they receive more than just a captioned phone. They benefit from:

  • Free training on how to use their phone 
  • White-glove installation service, ensuring their phone is set up correctly
  • Ongoing customer support to address any future needs
  • A lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind and reliability

3. Easy and Accessible Referral Process through Blueprint OMS:

The integration of ClearCaptions with Blueprint OMS simplifies the referral process. Here’s how you can make a referral:

  • With a patient selected in the Patient browser, click the Patient drop-down menu (top, left-hand corner).
  • Navigate to Forms > ClearCaptions Form
  • In the Select signer dialog box, choose a “Signed by” name and click Continue.

ClearCaptions form will auto populate with patient and clinic information available in system

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email

Once your form is complete, you can easily send it to ClearCaptions: 

  • With the completed form open on the screen, click Email/fax.
  • Click Email other… or Fax other…
  • Follow the prompts to save a copy of the form in the patient’s record. 
  • Select the stored email address or manually enter the sending address. 
  • Enter message details and click Send.

Or you can visit

Referring your patients to ClearCaptions is more than just recommending a product; it’s about enhancing their ability to communicate and connect with the world. With its near real-time captioning, comprehensive service package and an easy referral process, ClearCaptions is an invaluable resource for your patients with hearing loss. Start referring your patients to ClearCaptions today!

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