Latest changes in v2.7

May 29, 2017

Details of the latest changes in version 2.7 of Blueprint OMS are below. The rollout is already in progress and will be completed by Thursday, June 1.

As always, please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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Adjusting the order of diagnosis codes associated with an audiogram

To ensure that the diagnosis codes appear in the correct order on generated HCFA forms, it’s now possible to reorder them by dragging and dropping.

Reordering ICD codes associated with an audiogram

Display tone points at frequency 11200

Tone point data at 11.2 kHz

Automatic import of GSI Suite reports

A seamless report integration between GSI Suite and Blueprint OMS is now available.

Once a report is filed in GSI Suite, it will be automatically imported to the patient’s Documents tab in Blueprint OMS, where it will be available for viewing, printing, emailing or faxing.

Instructions for configuring this integration are in our User Guide here.

Display NR reflex values

No response values for acoustic reflexes transmitted from Noah are now shown in the audiometry details:

NR values for acoustic reflexes in audiometry

And on generated reports:

NR values for acoustic reflexes in generated reports


New filter: “Last aid return (without subsequent HA purchase)”

This filter will find patients who returned hearing aids, but have not subsequently purchased new aids.

New “Last aid return (without subsequent HA purchase)” filter

New “not equal to” operator for “Last entry date” parameter

New “not equal to” operator for “Last entry date” parameter

New filter: Account balance

This filter will find patients based on their account balance. The example below would find patients who owe more than $50.

New “Account balance” filter

New merge fields for loaned aids

Creating a customized Loaner agreement is easy with new merge fields for loaned aids.

Template showing merge fields for loaned aids

Full details of the fields available, as well as a starter template are available from our Template resources page.

“Template resources” page on the Blueprint Solutions website


Correcting user errors when entering patient insurance details

If the wrong insurance company was chosen when entering patient insurance details, it can be changed using the Edit details button.

Correcting the insurance company

Note: The insurance company cannot be changed after the insurer has been billed.

Spell checking when emailing or faxing documents

Spell checking is now available when entering the email body, or fax cover sheet message.

Spell-checking when creating a fax cover sheet

Print function on “Recalls” screen

Recalls can now be selected and printed using the Print Entry button on the Recalls screen.

Integrated payments: Location-specific reporting

For clinics using our Integrated payments feature, payments can now be separated by location in the reports on the WorldPay Merchant Portal.

If you would like to enable this feature, please contact our technical support team here.


Updated versions of WCB AB C972 & C1265 forms

The March 2017 revision of these forms are now available in Blueprint:

  • C972 (Hearing Loss Authorization)
  • C1265 (Hearing Aid Replacement Information)

Bug fixes

  • Advanced search by Serial # does not include stock aids loaned to patients
  • Patient summary screen shows cancelled appointment time instead of rescheduled time
  • The “Next Appt” column on the Recalls screen is incorrect
  • Document status tags are not showing the correct colors
  • Cannot download Word document after generating form from Word template
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