Updated Information About Blueprint OMS CloudDocs!

May 22, 2018

CloudDocs Now Accommodates Documents up to 50MB in Size!

The size limit for files stored in CloudDocs has been increased from 5 MB to 50 MB! This will allow you to scan more pages into a document or use higher scanning resolution.

Starting August, CloudDocs fees will be based on the total storage used, rather than the number of documents stored. 

*All data stored above four GB will continue to be an additional $1 per one GB
  • Up to one GB: Free
  • Storage over one GB: $19 per month
  • For every additional GB in use over one GB: $1 per month

Most Blueprint Solutions clinics will see a saving in their document storage fees. With the release of Blueprint OMS version 2.9, you can now see how many documents and faxes you have stored in CloudDocs. For more information on document management, click here.

You can find this information under the Help drop-down menu in your Blueprint OMS system.


If you have any questions about document storage, please contact us!

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