U.S. Practices: A Simple Solution to Help Save Time is Already in Your Software

October 25, 2021

U.S. Practices: A Simple Solution to Help Save Time is Already in Your Software

Now available in Blueprint OMS, the CareCredit integration is designed to save time and increase productivity by making it easier for practices to process transactions and help patients apply for the CareCredit credit card. By enabling this integration, practices automate some of the tasks associated with payment financing and payment processing, giving teams more time to focus on patient care and delivering a positive patient experience.

“The CareCredit integration makes processing transactions much faster and easier. I don’t have to remember login credentials, and payments seamlessly apply to the patient record in Blueprint OMS. It’s a definite time-saver!”
— Marylyn Koble, M.S, CCC-A
Owner / Audiologist
Audiology Associates of DFW.


From managing caseloads to making sure your practice gets paid in a timely manner — running a busy practice requires many critical functions. When you don’t have to be concerned with even a few of those tasks, it can make a real difference to your daily routine.

For example, this is how the integration will streamline your workflow when it comes to accounts receivable: when you go to log a patient payment in Blueprint OMS, choosing CareCredit as a payment method will launch the CareCredit portal in your browser. Once there, you can process the payment, and meanwhile the patient’s sales history screen will accurately reflect the payment details, reducing the chance of human error.

Another benefit of the integration is that it makes it even easier for patients to apply for CareCredit. It’s probably not too surprising that cost concerns are the reason many patients don’t move forward with recommended hearing care. With the integration, when a patient is ready to apply for CareCredit, most of the information for the application is automatically filled in from the patient’s record.*

For detailed step-by-step instructions for activating the integration, see the user guide: here or call (877) 686-8410 ext. 1.

To learn more about the benefits of accepting CareCredit in your practice call (800) 859-9975 (press1, then 6) or visit

*Except for providers in California, who are prohibited under state law from submitting applications on behalf of patients for certain healthcare loans or lines of credit, including the CareCredit credit card.


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