New Features and Enhancements in v4.0.1

September 7, 2022

In this article:

  • Online patient payments (US only)
  • Chip-ready credit card processing (US only)
  • New return privileges
  • Ability to deactivate vendor repair pricing
  • Improved appointment referral source tracking
  • Signing Journal entries
  • Edit multiple recalls at once
  • New report enhancements

Online patient payments (US only)

Streamline payment processing via text and email. Patients can now make payments online! 

With the online patient payment feature, you can easily email or text a link to allow patients to pay invoices online. Patients can view or download invoices and payment receipts using the link. Incoming payments will be automatically applied in Blueprint OMS.

If you are currently integrated with payment processing you can enable this feature by following the steps here.

If you don’t currently use our integrated payments feature, please contact Ken Handy or Kai Odasz at Merchant Preferred to get started. 

Ken Handy
845.406.9665 ex. 2 (Office)
518.253.2479 (Cell)


Kai Odasz
845.406.9665 ex. 3 (Office)

Chip-ready credit card processing (US only)

Blueprint OMS now supports payments via chip credit/debit cards, making transactions more secure for you and your patients.

If you are already using our integrated payments feature, please contact Merchant Preferred to transition to chip-ready credit card processing and click here to learn more.

New return privileges 

Previously, if a user had the ‘Return items’ privilege, they could return items to the manufacturer or to stock. This privilege has now been separated into two privileges.

  • Return items to stock
  • Return items to manufacturer

Note: If the user previously had the Return items privilege, they will inherit both privileges by default once upgraded. For helpful user privilege information, click here.

Deactivating repair types for specific manufacturers

You can organize repair types based on the manufacturer’s offering. You now have the ability to deactivate repair types for specific manufacturers. Step-by-step instructions here.

Improved appointment referral source tracking

Your referral sources offer deep insight into your marketing performance. Blueprint OMS continues to enhance your visibility. 

Previously, when linking a scheduled appointment to a patient, the appointment would automatically inherit the patient’s most recent referral source. 

Now, you will be prompted to select which referral source you’d like to keep on the appointment if it differs from the patient’s most recent referral source.

Signing Journal entries

You can now showcase your signature on journal entries! To generate a print version of a journal entry including your saved signature, navigate to the Journal tab, select entries, and click Print entry. Upload your signature following the steps here.

Alternatively, you can use your signature pad to electronically sign the journal entry.

Signature displays automatically.

Edit multiple recalls at once

Save time and edit recalls en masse. Update multiple recalls with desired dates, types, assignees, or statuses all at once. For more information on editing recalls, click here.

Hint: You can select a range of recalls by clicking and dragging the mouse pointer through the list.

New report enhancements released

  • Added Patient ID to Sales Report (XLS)
  • Tax description is now available on Sales Tax Summary report (XLS)
  • Wax guards will now appear on the WCB MB Hearing Loss Billing Form (CA only)


Have questions about these features? Our support team is always ready to assist! Get started by visiting our Help Center.
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