TechTip: Setting modifiers and diagnostic pointers on HCFA

August 28, 2023

With the release of Blueprint OMS v4.5 you now have a prepare HCFA feature that allows you to set Modifiers and Diagnostic Pointers. 


By clicking in the Modifier field, you will be presented with a list of modifiers. Use the search feature to locate the desired modifier. Up to four modifiers can be added to a line. If you are missing a modifier, please go to Setup -> Electronic billing -> Modifiers to add/edit modifiers.

Diagnostic Pointers

In the example above, you see two warning triangles because the pointers are missing. The pointers are used to reference the ICD codes listed in the green boxes. In this example, two are available (A and B). Simply enter the letters that correspond to the correct diagnostic code(s).

Once complete, click Generate HCFA, and the HCFA form will appear with the modifiers and pointers populated.

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